Elastic City Spacey: Stereoscopic 3D Video Projections, 2015 and 2018

Elastic City Spacey, 2015  


22 minutes, stereoscopic 3D video projection mapped onto an exterior building for a festival, Illuminate Bath (January 2015, England

This anaglyph video projection, first shown projected onto the Roman Baths, is the first iteration in a series of projections that collages live video and drawings of peacocks from Corsham Court at the Bath School of Art’s graduate campus with Roman coins (32 BC – 274 AD) , excavated in the Beau Street Horde in 2007, and an 19C Indian painting of a figure riding a white peacock.

Elastic City Spacey continues the experiments in 3D stereoscopic projection Sujir has been doing with S3D interactive video projections over the decade, this time using projection mapping onto a building, mixing the actual physical 3D of the building’s architecture with the 3D virtual drawing and 3D virtual sculpting.

Within the space of the screen, she has found ways to create virtual imaginative and fantastic spaces. With 3D stereoscopic works, she can bring the viewer into the frame, allowing them to walk into another world. Migration brings with it a doubled sense of place, with the physicality of home and its absence playing off the containment of memory in our bodies that makes us resonant spaces. In her art practice, she has been working towards the construction of a felt space of displacement. 3D stereo video spaces are elastic and dream-like places, ephemeral, yet capable of extending a sensation of volume, physicality, and presence to the viewer. The challenge of taking this 3D stereographic work into the ‘streets’ in Bath, to inhabit public dwelling spaces rather than a black box, will extend the art practice she has been developing and allow her to further stretch the technology and the materials towards a new body of work.

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