Chorus of Lungs, 2013

A Chorus of Lungs, with Maria Lantin, 2013

Video Installation (occupies five square meters).

Interactive S3D (stereoscopic) video projections, 2-channel video and sound.

A computer systems and a Kinect for each projection screen, 2.7 meters x 1.5 meter, two screens 7.6 meters apart, facing each other. Stereoscopic 3D video is mapped onto a chorus of breathing lungs in one projection, and a chorus of drawn lungs that hover in front of the viewer in the other projection. The chorus opens and closes in response to an opening and closing of the participant’s arms (distance between hands).

Chorus of Lungs is a meditative exploration of inner and outer spaces, inviting the viewers to participate in the installation by moving their arts upwards and out, as it their arms were wings.  The sounds of  breathing along with images of human lungs, float in a shared space with the viewer.  Pelicans are mapped onto the interior lung spaces of the body,  soaring through a deep blue sky. Shot on the Bow River, in Alberta, the pelicans made a remarkable appearance after the farmers stopped using DDT and now are a familiar part of the landscape.

Chorus of Lungs Channel 1 – Video still
Chorus of Lungs 2 – Video installation showing viewer participating, activating different soundscapes
Chorus of Lungs 2 – Anaglyph video still (requires glasses, red on the left)
Chorus of Lungs 2 – Anaglyph video still
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